Active Adult Living in Atlanta


After decades of striving for financial freedom, it’s natural for people approaching retirement age to think about how to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor in the coming years.

If you are near retirement, one way of pampering yourself is to move to an active adult community. This concept of home is revolutionary in the sense that you can sell your current house (or pass it on to your children) and live in an exclusive housing community built for your needs.

There are a lot of active adult communities in the U.S., and many in Atlanta. If you are still hesitant to experience active adult living, here is a list of benefits that might change your mind:


Most active adult communities are designed with one thing in mind: relaxation. Depending on where you plan to reside, an active adult community can offer amazing amenities: outdoor pool, movie theatre, park, art displays, spa and massage centers, and the like.


You may also opt to live in an active adult community near a place that you frequent or are interested in. Those who love the sun can live in communities near beaches and shorelines, while those who want immediate access to restaurants can live near major cities.

Health and Fitness

Many senior communities are designed to keep their residents healthy, and that is why many of these locations have sports centers, courts, and other venues that cater to an active lifestyle. Some communities have tennis courts, others have gyms, while others offer group dance sessions.

Incredible Homes and Resort Lifestyle

It’s like enjoying a getaway vacation for the rest of your life. Active adult communities are known for offering resort-worthy amenities that will definitely pamper you. On top of that, you get to choose what kind of house you want to live in, depending on your preferred living conditions.

Community and Company of Peers

That’s why it’s called “community”: Active adult living areas provide opportunities for you to bond with fellow seniors living in the same vicinity. It gives you another venue to gain new friends and enjoy their company.


Community developers consider the welfare of their intended market as a top priority. The reason why most active adult homes are smaller is that they are easier to maintain. The usual adult homes are also single-level, eliminating the need to use stairs.

Maintenance-Free Living

Ultimately, the best advantage of retirement communities in Atlanta is luxury. Active adult communities come with free lawn care, weeding, raking of leaves, and even shoveling of snow! That way, you don’t need to trouble yourself with cleaning and maintenance. As a result, you get to enjoy the things that matter to you more.

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