Eight Steps to Selling Your Home

They say home is where the heart is. That statement can also be applied even if you’re planning to sell your house. If you don’t put your heart into how you are going to market and sell your home, then you’ll probably end up either frustrated or impatient.

Now that you have decided to sell your home, here are eight essential things that you need to follow in order to seal the deal:

1. Determine the reason for selling.

Are you looking to move to a bigger house? Do you have immediate plans to relocate? These are some of the questions that can help you pinpoint the real reason for selling the house. The urgency and price of the sale will depend on your reason, so you should discuss this with your real estate agent.

2. Peg your desired price.

As the home owner, you have the ultimate say as to how much you want to receive from the sale. You may need careful assessment of the property. Ask the help of your agent on the appropriate selling price.

3. Staging is key.

Most real estate agents know that the secret is in the packaging. Make sure that you keep your property in tiptop shape and attractive for buyers. Remove old boxes and unnecessary clutter, and don’t put your family photos inside. Let the buyers imagine that the property is their home.

4. Go public.

How else will potential buyers know that your home is for sale, if you don’t get the word out? For starters, put a “For Sale” sign outside your home. You can also use social media, agent referrals, and other marketing tools to advertise your home.

5. Draft a good contract.

As early as now, even if no one has expressed interest in buying the house, take time to sit down with your real estate agent and write a contract. This way, when a buyer sends an offer, you can proceed with the sale transaction fast. First things first: if you have questions or misunderstood points in the contract, ask your agent as soon as possible.

6. Prepare for negotiations.

Not everyone will be happy with your selling price, and so negotiations will almost always form part of the process. This part is best done by your agent. Some of the items that may be negotiable include the selling price, payment terms, appliances, improvements, and others.

7. Prepare for closing the sale.

Prior to inking the deal, your agent will discuss things in detail with the agent of your potential buyer. Every transaction detail is supposed to be in the contract already, so this step is necessary to ensure there are no loose threads or kinks.

8. Close the sale.

By closing, the property ownership is legally transferred from you to the buyer. It’s best to keep a list of to-dos before turning over the key – cut the power and utilities, cancel any existing services, and more.

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