Let’s Talk Price Baby…Let’s Talk About You and Me

Homeowners that are looking for a new place to live will also have to think about selling their current home first. There are a number of steps to getting your house on the market and into the hands of a buyer, and price is one of the most important elements. In order to price your home for a quick sale, it is important to gather some information.

What does your local market look like?

You will want to look at similar properties in your area to help determine a list price.  Homes that are currently for sale, under contract or have sold in the last 3 to six months is a great place to start.  These properties will tell you how quickly houses are selling, how close the homes are selling to asking price, and other important details. Keep in mind home size, home amenities, location to desirable shopping, good schools and parks can add to your potential price.

Pricing Right to Win

With your local market reach in hand, the goal is to list your home at the RIGHT price. If your home is priced right you will maximize your homes showings, typically resulting in four times as many showings within a month. The right price could mean your home sells quickly, at the highest possible value or for more than what you are asking.

What to Avoid

The old strategy of listing your home higher than what the market suggest in order to leave room for negotiations does not work in today’s market. Overpricing often often leads to your home remaining unsold longer than you want, requiring you to reduce the listing price which sends a signal to buyers that you may reduce the price again.  Also agents that work the area will often times not show a house if overpriced.

With this information, we can work together to create a great pricing strategy to get your home sold.  Give us a call.

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